• Backgammon Essentials
    Backgammon is not a difficult game and can easily be played at home as long as you have the basic equipment to play. At a minimum you will need a game board, markers and dice. Depending on the desires of the players involved you might also choose to have doubling cubes and dice cups.

  • Backgammon history
    Backgammon history

  • Backgammon tournamnets
    Backgammon tournamnets, Backgammon in Modern Time - Tournamnets and online Gambling

  • Backgammon's Opening Moves
    Backgammon is often won from the very first opening move. This opening move establishes a pace and goal for the game. The player with the best opening move often times comes out the winner. Knowing which opening backgammon moves is the key to victory.

  • Backgammon: An Introduction
    This article introduces backgammon. It is meant for those that are just beginning to learn backgammon.

  • Backgammon: Playing it safe
    Gambling has always been about risks, luck, and strategy. When strategies fail, risks are unaffordable, and luck has abandoned you, then proceed to the last resort. There are basic plays in Backgammon that one is suggested to play to pass the time safely, while still staying in the game.

  • Introduction To Backgammon Game
    Backgammon is has simple set of rules with simple set of instruments. The objective of the game is simple, to move all fifteen checkers off the board which determines the winner.

  • Let's Talk Backgammon
    There are literally hundreds of words used in backgammon, but don't worry. If you want to learn them all, you will just need to study a few at a time.

  • Magnificence of Backgammon Saga
    The accounts of backgammon have depicted the game's dramatic fame and exploration. Backgammon saga has described gambler's favors and addictions to each historic turn.

  • Strategies in playing Backgammon
    The article gives an overview or list of the strategies in playing backgammon. As explained in this article Backgammon is a competitive game which involves a lot of analytical thinking as well.

  • Understanding Backgammon
    To understand the game of backgammon we must at least know its history. If we know the history of the game then we can really appreciate the game its rules and its concept.

  • backgammon
    A description of backgammon, starting with a little historical background. Also included is a quick view of how to play backgammon and terms and definitions.

  • Let us know what you think
    Let us know what you think

    BGACTION COM, 步步高网上指南

    像打網上步步高? 您走向正確的地方, 因為這個站點以一切為特色步步高。文章, 新聞、指南, 和講解, 為每個戲劇的水平。

    Als om online backgammon te spelen? U bent aan de juiste plaats gekomen, omdat deze plaats alles backgammon kenmerkt. Artikelen, nieuws, gidsen, en leerprogramma's, voor elk niveau van spel.

    Comme pour jouer au jacquet en ligne ? Vous êtes venu au bon endroit, parce que des dispositifs de cet emplacement tout jacquet. Articles, nouvelles, guides, et cours d'instruction, pour chaque niveau de jeu.

    Wie on-line-Backgammon spielen? Sie sind zum rechten Platz, weil dieses Situationsmerkmale alles Backgammon gekommen. Artikel, Nachrichten, Führer und Tutorials, für jedes Niveau des Spiels.

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    Come per giocare backgammon in linea? Siete venuto al giusto posto, perché caratteristiche di questo luogo tutto backgammon. Articoli, notizie, guide e lezioni private, per ogni livello di gioco.


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    Como para jogar o backgammon em linha? Voc veio ao lugar direito, porque caractersticas deste local tudo backgammon. Artigos, notcia, guias, e tutorials, para cada nvel do jogo.

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    Como para jugar a chaquete en lnea? Usted ha venido al lugar derecho, porque las caractersticas de este sitio todo chaquete. Artculos, noticias, guas, y clases particulares, para cada nivel del juego.

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