Backgammon in Modern Time - Tournamnets and online Gambling

The modern times have brought much glory to Backgammon. In the 20's of the twenty century the doubling cube was inserted by an unknown player somewhere in New York. It has brought more excitement to the game thus making it more and more popular. Today's rules of Backgammon were introduced in the US in 1931. The game lost a bit of popularity during the depression but slowly after WW2 it gained back its strength much due to the efforts of Prince Alexis Obelensky who planned the first world championship of Backgammon. Little by little the game was considered less a game of the high society and more as a middle-class type.

With the entrance of the official tournaments during the 70's a wave of Backgammon reading material was inserted to the market. Books, newspapers' columns, short movies and commercials for Backgammon boards could be found everywhere. Since the 70's Backgammon is a game which can be found almost in every house. Today you can even gamble in online Backgammon sites, read guides and tutorials on the Internet and more. If you want to read more about Backgammon – the rules, odds, methods of playing and more take a look at the links in the article.

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