Backgammon's Opening Moves

Opening moves in backgammon play a vital role in the totality of your match. Having good opening moves will allow players to have better games and win more matches. There are two important reasons why backgammon players need to know good opening moves:

1. Studies show that if a player has studied the best opening moves they will benefit not only from their experience but from the move itself. Aside from good strategies and skills, an opening move gives a whole different prospect of the match. It gives players a different kind of outlook to the game and sets the pace.

2. If you have established a good opening move your chances against good skilled players will increase.

Many backgammon players have memorized opening moves which they think are the best moves and then practice them as often as they can.

Applying the best opening move has greatly helped many backgammon players advance in the game. After the best opening move has been established, players can then move to the next step.

While it may be impossible to memorize and learn all the theories about mastering backgammon and its opening moves, there are helpful tips that experts provide players to learn and understand them.

The following are few good opening moves:

1-1 This is the greatest combination that you can get to begin with the game. With this opening move you can easily close to both of your 7 points and 5 points, these are two of the most significant points on your board.

2-2 With this you can also close to the 5 points from your opponent and you can move back your checkers two times.

3-3 This move will support your 5 points and the 4 points of your opponent.

4-4 With this move player can create an anchor easily to his or her opponent's 5 points as well as his or her 9 points.

5-5 If you got this you must move 2 of your checkers from the midpoint to your 3 points.

6-6 This move lets players close his or her 7 points as well as their opponent's 7 points.

Aside from the moves mentioned above let us also talk about few other good opening moves.

First is the 3-1. Having this will allow players to close their 5 points. Your 6-1 will let you close to your 7 points and also with your 4-2 as your opening move you will be able to move your checkers and close your 4 points.

Knowing and mastering opening moves will keep you ahead of the game and with continued strategy and good stroke of luck you will have a better chance to win the game.