Let's Talk Backgammon

You may not know it, but there are quite a number of terms used in the gambling game backgammon. You may think that it's just a game. And it does not deserve a whole new language, but you are wrong. To prove that, here are just a few of the terms used by gambling players in the world of backgammon:

Behind in the Race - this is the opposite of behind in the count. Here, the gambling player has more moves to make to win than his opponent does.

Build One's Board - this is the slang for the gambling player's goal to make points in his or her home board.

Bump - this is the term that signifies when a gambling player has hit a marker.

Chequer - this also corresponds to checker, or marker, only British version.

Dead Man - this is gambling players' another term for the dead marker.

Game Winning Chances - these are the odds of a gambling player succeeding in a game of backgammon if it goes on without doubling.

Half a Roll - in backgammon, a gambling player must cast two dice in his turn, the outcome of which is used in moving the markers. Half of the roll is one of the numbers in the outcome of the two dice rolled.

Kibitzer - this the gambling players' term for a member of the audience who talks about the match loudly that they can hear him or her. A good audience does not give their remarks loudly during the match.

On Roll - the slang used to describe a gambling player who is about to cast the dice. A gambling player can only double the stakes when he or she is on roll.

Sandbag - going into a tournament in a level that is not where one really belongs. A player may join a lower division to take advantage of the other players there.

Shake - this is a gambling player's act of mixing up his dice inside a container to improve randomness in the roll. This is done because some gambling players cheat by manipulating the dice to produce favorable outcome.

Shark - if a fish is a gambling player who is more likely to win, the shark is the gambling player who hunts the fish to take advantage of him and get his money.

Table - in backgammon language, this is what a backgammon board is called. Strangers to backgammon may get confused with the true meaning of this word in the backgammon world.

Tables - gambling players used this term to denote a variation of the gambling game backgammon. It is also used to describe any game that happens on the backgammon board.