Backgammon Essentials

Do you want to set up a backgammon game right at you own home? Some gambling players prefer it this way over going to gambling houses or playing online. They love setting up a home-based backgammon because it is cozy, intimate, convenient and comfortable.

But before you invite all of your gambling friends, make sure that you have the proper equipment in playing backgammon. Because this gambling game is famous, there are a lot of ways by which you can buy the complete set for your game. There are certain manufacturers of board games from which you can buy a whole set. You can either go to a store, or go online and buy one using your credit card. You can also make one if you like. Whichever you choose, just be sure you have the following:


There are different backgammon boards available today. Some are made of wood, plastic, metal or marble. The cheapest of them is made of paper. You can make one at home with the materials you can find there. What you just have to do is follow the design of the regular backgammon board, and you will be fine.


Gambling players know that backgammon is played with thirty checkers in total, but you may opt to buy extra checkers for emergency in case you lost any. Some manufacturers already include extra markers in the set, so that should not be any problem. If you are improvising, you can get any marker the size of the regular checker. Be sure that the markers come in two colors, one color for the fifteen markers, and another color for the next fifteen markers. Each color would signify a player.


Backgammon requires two dice per roll. Some gambling players prefer that each player in the game has his own two dice, so you may want to procure four dice - two for each player. Dice are included in complete sets, or you may buy them separately, after all, they are easy to find.

Dice Cup

This is the container in which the dice are placed when shaken. Normally, there is only one dice cup in a game, but some gambling players want to have his own dice cup per game, so why not get two for your set? However, there are others who believe that dice cups are not necessary in backgammon, so it really depends on the gambling players who would be playing the game.

Doubling cube

It looks like the regular dice, but instead it has double numbers per face. They are special to backgammon, so they are hard to find.