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Backgammon Online guide

Backgammon is a wonderful game for all ages that requires little efforts. All you need in order to begin playing Backgammon is the simplest equipment – the board and two dices and to read this article. Here I would go through the basic rules of Backgammon and I would also add some personal tips that I think could benefit you, the novice payer, in his first steps toward being a professional Backgammon player.

I first begun playing Backgammon I was only eight years old, I enjoyed playing with my dad for hours on Sundays and vacation's time. We set in the front porch from noon to the early hours of the evening and played till my mom called us in for dinner. Everything I know I owe to my dad. This article is dedicated for him.

A little about Backgammon history is needed before getting down to the rules. Any game has a large history behind it and it is important to know, also, with knowing the history of Backgammon you would find it much easier to start conversations over a Backgammon game.

More is true if you play in online Backgammon sites, where a small talk is always welcomed. Keep in mind that although Backgammon is a game of gamblers it has a social side to it as well. It is believed that Backgammon first appeared in Mesopotamia area, where today there are Iraq, Iran and Syria.

In that area archeologists found boards resembling to the Backgammon boards we know today. The boards were made out of wood, the dices from bone, pottery or bones. When my dad first told me they used bones I couldn't believe it until he showed me photographs of these ancient dices from an encyclopedia from the town's library.

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